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Sunday School - 9:15
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Nursery Provided Handicap Accessible

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Boones Mill Christian Church Boones Mill Christian Church Boones Mill Christian Church Boones Mill Christian Church Boones Mill Christian Church Boones Mill Christian Church Boones Mill Christian Church Boones Mill Christian Church


Week of Compassion “We understand stewardship as a spiritual discipline.”

We work to create a culture of generosity across the life of the whole church. Our Mission is to encourage and promote the understanding of stewardship as a faith discipline and life practice in response to a generous God.

Christian stewardship is grateful and responsible use of God's gifts in the light of God's purpose as revealed in Jesus Christ. Christian stewards, empowered by the Holy Spirit, commit themselves to conscious, purposeful decisions.

Stewardship is lived out in:

  • living and telling the Good News
  • sharing God in seeking justice, peace, and the integrity of creation in an interdependent universe
  • wisely employing God-given human resources, abilities, and relationships
  • sharing the material resources we hold and giving them in service, justice, and compassion
  • providing for future generations
  • sharing in the life, worship, and responsible stewardship of the Church and of its mission
  • both for the individual and for the community, stewardship is a joyful act for the sake of God's world.

As part of faithful stewardship our mission involves making our building and grounds available to other groups and organizations as deemed appropriate with the ministry of the church. Scheduling of the building will be done with the minister and/or the Stewardship Director. Please call the church to reserve the building.

About the Disciples Mission Fund

Disciples Mission Fund is the common fund of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Disciples Mission Fund supports 72 ministries of wholeness as close as your local congregation and reaching around the globe. As a Global Mission church, we understand that equipping congregations for mission includes learning from, learning with and offer support our partners beyond the borders of the United States and Canada.

Using a Common Funding System

As a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world, we use a common funding system to all congregations to share resources with one part of the churches ministry that are then shared across the life of the church.
The mission funding system, as overseen by the General Board, is a pre-allocated means of offering gifts in support of region ministries, general ministries, and institutions of higher education. The mission funding system allows the church to partner together for promotion and interpretation and the receipting and distributing of gifts.

About Special Day Offerings

Special Days in the life of the church often allow us to focus our worship, celebrations and fellowship around moments that are central to our faith.
Disciples Mission Fund Special Day Offerings also provide an opportunity to highlight specific ministries as part of our faith celebrations.

There are four Disciples Mission Fund Special Day Offerings received each year during Easter, Pentecost, Thanksgiving, and Christmas seasons. Also, Special Mission Fund offerings for Week of Compassion the relief, refugee, and development fund of the church and Reconciliation Ministry the pro-reconciliation/anti-racism work of the Church are received in the last two Sundays of February (Week of Compassion) and the last Sunday of September and the first Sunday of October (Reconciliation). Each offering supports a specific ministry providing critical resources.

Easter Offering

The Easter Offering supports the General Ministries of the church. General Ministries serve across the U.S. and Canada and around the world. General Ministries are partners in ministry serving through far-reaching and unique organizations.

Pentecost Offering

The Pentecost Offering supports Disciples new church development. Planning, nurturing and sustaining new congregation is part of the Disciples’ vision.

This offering supports the specialized ministry of new church development through both regional and general programs – with gifts for this offering divided between each. Fifty percent of gifts received by a region remain in that region, the balance supports the work of general, new church efforts.

Thanksgiving Offering

The Thanksgiving Offering provides direct support to Disciples colleges, universities and theological institutions. Disciples have a long history of post-secondary and theological education. This offering provides a direct connection to 14 colleges or universities, 3 seminaries and 4 seminary foundations/divinity houses. Gifts from the Disciples Mission Fund Thanksgiving offering continue a Disciples tradition of developing leaders for our communities and the church.

Christmas Offering

The Christmas Offering supports Regional Ministries. In 33 regions across the U.S. and Canada, ministers are nurtured and congregations are provided opportunities for work and worship.
Often recognized for the ministries of camps and conferences, regions also play a critical role in the preparation and authorization of ministerial ordination. Both are key to church leadership and development. Regions partner with congregations to support the work required to call a new minister.